Talking to Your Doctor

It’s important that you and your doctor work together to help manage your asthma.

When you have asthma, it's important to talk to your doctor and take an active role in your treatment. But sometimes, when it comes to asthma, you and your doctor may not speak the same language.

You may say your asthma is "fine" because it seems normal to you, but your doctor may need more information from you—especially if you have had an asthma flare-up or you needed emergency treatment recently.

It's important that you share the details about the ups and downs of your asthma over the last 6 months with your doctor. This is important, as it will help your doctor to:

  • Establish how severe your asthma is
  • Determine whether your asthma is as well controlled as it should be
  • Create an asthma action plan that is right for you
  • Decide what medication(s) may be right for you

A quick way to help you and your doctor discuss your asthma.

Here's a simple way to share the details of your asthma over the past 6 months with your doctor. Just take a few minutes to complete this Asthma Control Checklist and share it with your doctor.