My 6-Month Asthma Story

Share the details about your asthma over the last
6 months with your doctor.

Talk to your doctor about how you can work together to make a better plan for long-term asthma care. A good place to start is "My 6-Month Asthma Story." If you say YES to any of these statements, your doctor needs to know.

In the last 6 months…

  • I had an asthma flare-up that made me want to see my doctor
  • I noticed I was using my rescue inhaler more than twice a week
  • I have been having asthma symptoms — like wheezing — more often even though I already take a daily asthma medicine
  • I had sudden asthma symptoms and I had to get emergency treatment at the hospital
  • I had to take an oral steroid medicine for my asthma
  • I have been waking up at night more often to use my rescue inhaler

Print "My 6-Month Asthma Story" to share with your doctor.

Speak up! Don't wait for your doctor to ask questions. Bring "My 6-Month Asthma Story" to your next doctor's appointment. It works like this:

  • Download a PDF to your computer desktop before your next doctor's appointment
  • Personalize it on screen with your information or print it out and fill in your information
  • Take it along on your next doctor's appointment

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